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If you’ve ever looked at your favourite singer and thought, “How do they do that with their voice?”, this article is for you. Learn more about how to have a better singing voice, how to do vocal exercises and learn some of the best singing tips for beginners from Habbit’s resident nightingale, Angela Menezes.

From how to make a scrapbook journal to the best bullet journal layout ideas— this is the guide to get you started on your journaling adventure.

Getting Started

On the surface, the fashion industry is all glitz and glam. Delve deeper and all of that is just a cover for the industry’s massive waste, pollution and labour exploitation.

Got that midnight baking urge? Try the fluffiest vanilla cake.

For years companies have tried to develop designs that are catchy, aesthetic, and most importantly, speaks to their customers.

Ancient symbols of identification. Photo by Lady Escabia from Pexels.

Catch the right light with these quick tricks for those Instagram-worthy captures.

We all know about our sun signs. But what about the lesser-known signs that help understand a person?

Hollywood’s role in transforming an ancient game of wits to a pop-cultural trend.


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